About hotel

Olymp Spa offers 164 rooms: apartments, single rooms, double rooms, and rooms for 3 people. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel grounds.


Olymp SPA is located in the central part of the resort area; here are the walking distances to some of the most interesting points of the city (calculated with the help of Google Maps):

- Sea - 350 m
- Tennis courts - 170 m
- Seaside park - 260 m

- Pier - 1400 m
- Lighthouse - 2000 m
- Cathedral - 1200 m

- Fishing port - 2200 m
- City centre - 900 m
- Cycle path - 190 m

SPA & Wellness

There is wellness and physiotherapy complex "KINESIS", where the main form of rehabilitation consists of individual gymnastics and gymnastics in the pool. The offer is aimed at those with locomotor problems at any age and for any reason. We treat both degenerative changes that occur with age as well as injuries, such as sprains etc. Treatments serve to reduce and eliminate the inflammation, pain symptoms and help regeneration process of the biological tissues.


Olymp Spa guest have at their disposal: the observation deck on the fourth floor, gym, swimming pool, sauna complex (2 dry, 1 steam), 3 whirlpool baths, playroom for children, a café.

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