For children

OLYMP SPA is a great place for a family vacation. Our spacious suites can accommodate even large families of grandparents, parents and children without any damage to the comfort.

A young parent may be especially happy with the kitchenette, where you can quickly and easily prepare a meal for your baby, and a refrigerator to store the foods safely.

The location of OLYMP SPA is also very important - to get to the beach you only need to go 200 meters through the seaside park. It is a safe and quiet, and close to all the attractions for children. During the season the equipment rental is open (go-karts, ponycycles, bicycles), as well as the all year round Maszoperia (6D Museum).

What facilities offers Olymp Spa for families with children?

  • First of all, large spacious rooms, where there is enough space for
  • playing with all favourite toys.
  • Posiłki w formie bufetów - szeroki wybór dań zimnych i gorących
  •  In our other hotels - Olymp 2 and Olymp 3 there are play corners with
  • colourful ball pits available for free play.
  • Swimming pool



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