Observation deck

Observation deck is located on the top floor from where you can see the cathedral tower and Kolobrzeg’s seaside park. Guests can enjoy this fantastic view from a comfortable bench available throughout the whole year.


Recreation and treatments

Movement heals, see for yourself! We encourage you to be physically active throughout the year and as a supplement we offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments. 



Our buffets are not only fresh, made from high quality products, but also aesthetic and diverse. At the buffet you will find a huge variety of dishes!


Bicycle paths

In Kolobrzeg there are more and more bicycle paths available, during the renovation of each section of  the road a space for bicycles is being immediately determined. Its surface varies, sometimes it is only a dedicated lane on the street, but most importantly - it increasingly easier to move around the city by bike. 


Cruises with cod fishing

Real men's adventure! Many hours’ cruise on the open sea, fishing for cod. You do not have to worry about anything, everything is provided by the organiser - from the rental of equipment, purchase of the insurance to board, all under the care of real professionals.


For families with children

The fact that iodine has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system is a well-known fact, but not everyone associates this fact with its own coughing child. 


Nasi Partnerzy

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